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Watching more animals and the worst lunch ever. South-Africa diary part four

Day 10 10.05.21

We drive to Hluhluwe, do some shopping and go to the camping. We have to drive a little bit off road again, but not so far. Then we hang the whole day in the camping, hang up the wash again because it is still not dry. We didn't do much, we are happy to relax. We have nice neighbors and have a bit small talk. It feels good to not be alone on a camping anymore. It’s a nice big camping and it even has a pool.

Our camping place at Bahiti caravan park

We make chicken on the braai and eat left over ratatouille.

Bahiti caravan park, 120 rand per person per night

Day 11 11.05.21

We get up early to go to the game park of Hluhluwe. It's a very hot day. It's a nice park with a lot of hills. But due to heavy rainfall, the unpaved roads are horrible. Every minute we are scared that we get stuck somewhere, but we made it. We focused more on the road then watching the animals.

We see an elephant, very close. A lot of zebra's and some giraffe's in the distance. Right before we drive out of the park, Kim screams: I see a rhino! And there he is, the rhino. Eating grass with some zebra's. Finally, since we’ve arrived in South-Africa we wanted to see a rhino.


We can’t get a nice picture because he is eating the whole time, but at least we saw him. He has a very big pointy horn, very beautiful.

For dinner we have burgers without burger bun. They already have a bit mold on them. I think it is because it’s too warm and moist. Well, then we have a low carb dinner. We stay at the same camping as yesterday.

Day 12 12.05.21

Now we are on our way to Durban. Only a 3-hour drive. We have lunch at Steers, big mistake. We get a soggy burger with a lot of sauce. The fries are soggy too, they either didn't fry it long enough, or it were fries from yesterday. Waste of money. Kim eats it all though, but I can't swallow it. How can people order here?

Suddenly the crappy road changes into a beautiful highway. This was very nice to drive. We can see Durban in the distance.


When we arrive at the camping, we park and go to the shopping center next to it. Here I finally find Koeksisters again. We get an ice-cream, the best ice-cream I ever had. It was like McFlurry but 100 times better. I'm happy and we go back to the camping. At the camping are a lot of monkeys walking around. You reallyhave to close your motorhome all the time. One monkey managed his way into our motorhome. We have to make loud noises to scare him away.

Little monkey with a flower in his mouth

We have rice, cheese grillers and beans for dinner.

Actually, I want to watch a movie but I am too tired, around 20.30 I fall asleep.

Bluff eco park, 180 per person per night


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