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Cold nights and bad sleep. South-Africa diary part seven

Day 19 19.05.21

After a long night we say goodbye to the mountains and drive off early. We put our navigation to Heidelberg. We didn't book a camping yet, but we got to go that way. On the way we get lunch and look for a camping. We find the Klipdraai Karavaanpark, they have a beautiful website. We call them and they have space. After a 5 hour drive we arrive. It's a beautiful camping with 250 camping spaces. We're the only one. Feels weird to be the only one again. It's so quiet. They have the best showers we've had until now. The rest of the day we sit outside, walking around the camping and relaxing in front of our motorhome. On the camping they have everywhere bunnies and antelopes running around. They also have Donkeys, little pony's and a zebra mixed with a horse. We have some left-overs for dinner.

Cute bunny

I don't feel good, have a headache. Probably because I slept so bad last night. I hope I will sleep better tonight.

Klipdraai Karavaanpark 300 rand per night

Day 20 20.05.21

Again, a horrible night. It was so cold. We have an easy morning and eat big breakfast. We're going to go shopping today in Vaal Mall. On the way we go to The Laundry Basket to give our laundry. Then I don't have to wash everything when we get back home.

The mall is super big and they have my favorite store, Mr. Price. Here I find a lot of clothes. We roam around and have a nice lunch in a restaurant. Kim has a steak and I have chicken.

Our lunch

After we go get our laundry and do some last-minute shopping. Now it's slowly time to make an appointment for a corona test to go home. While searching on the internet we have no more data. Tomorrow we have to go to a store to buy data again.

We don't eat dinner, we are still full from our lunch. We watch Lord of the rings.

We stay at the same camping

Day 21 21.05.21

We sleep long and well. We make a nice breakfast and go to a supermarket to buy data. On the parking lot of the supermarket we try and figure out where to do a corona test. Already after 1 second we know it's not going to be as easy as in Switzerland. After browsing different websites, we still didn't figure out how or where to test and we make a phone call to the Travel Doctor. The nice lady on the phone explains to us we first got to fill out a form for the Government Covid task force. She cannot make an appointment for us, they have to do that. We fill it out and now we got to wait for a response. The test center is in Rosebank. We don't know what to do. Stay here and wait for the response, or already go to Rosebank. Maybe we can test immediately, then it would be good when we're already in that area, because it's a 45-minute drive. We see there is a mall in Rosebank and we go there. When we arrive at the mall we can't park there because we are too high with our motorhome. The parking attendant shows us a different way to access the parking lot. After some discussing and people trying to scam us for a parking ticket, we get an e-mail from the Travel Doctor. When we make the payment now online, we can test at 13:00. That's in half an hour. Good that we both have credit card and enough data. Without that we could never make an appointment or pay for the test. We go to the Testing center and after 15 minutes we're outside again. This was nice, professional and quick. Lucky that we've decided to go to Rosebank already, otherwise we didn't make it for the appointment.

Another cute bunny

Now we browse in the mall, actually we don't really want to go shopping anymore so we go back to the camping. When we arrive, we see there are some other people camping too. This gives me a good feeling again. It's so strange to be alone on a campground. It's 16:00 and it's getting cold already. We change into jeans and fleece jackets. Kim starts a fire on the braai at 17:00. Tonight, we eat some left-over rice and meat. But we still have some cheese grillers, so that's why we braai tonight. We watch the next part from lord of the rings.

We stay at the same camping


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