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Lions, tigers and missing our flight? South-Africa diary part eight

Day 22 22.05.21

Today is the day that we have to pack our things. Because we have everything good organized, it's quickly finished. We clean the motorhome a bit and chill on the camping. At 15:00 there is a Game drive, organized by the camping. We don't know what to expect so we just go there to see what it is. A few other people are also there waiting for the driver to arrive. It's 100 rand per person and we get in the truck. We leave the camping and drive through a few gates. We see some ostrich and impala's but that's it. Suddenly we arrive at a big farm. Here we get a tour. It looks kind of like a Zoo. They have lions, tigers, hyena, wild dogs and much more. Even though they are in a cage and not wild, it's really nice to see these animals.

Kim's best picture of a lion

We can come really close and there is just a little iron fence in between. It's a big tour and after 3 hours we are back at the camping. Tonight, we will braai for the last time. We go later to bed as usual, because we want to be tired for our flight, so we can sleep well.

We stay at the same camping

Day 23 23.05.21

We get up, shower, say goodbye to our neighbors and drive to Johannesburg. We return our motorhome and while Kim is doing all the paperwork, I look online to see what time our Check-in will be open. I don't see our flight. I google our flight number and it says it went yesterday. Did we make a mistake? Did we fly on Saturday and not Sunday? I check my mail, but my mail really says Sunday. Something is wrong. Kim comes back and I say I can't find our flight. He also doesn't understand and is checking his e-mails. There it is, 3 weeks ago Turkish Airlines contacted us to say our flight is rescheduled. Kim thought it was spam because it came from a strange e-mail address and the beginning of the mail is in Turkish. That's why he ignored it. We call to the help center and they put us on a flight on Wednesday. This means we have to search for a hotel now in Johannesburg.

We get the cheapest apartment we find and the man of the motorhome rental organizes a taxi for us. When we arrive the taxi driver wants 400 rand from us. Way too much. The apartment we got was 2000 rand for 3 nights, so this taxi ride is a rip off. We don't want to discuss so we give it to him. The apartment is nice with a soft bed. The bed even has a heating blanket.

Our bed in the apartment

It's only 13:00 now so we go to McDonald’s to lunch. We walk around a bit and end up in a sketchy neighborhood. A lot of people are on the street staring at us. I don't think this is a safe place for us to walk, so I speed up the tempo a bit. The longer we walk, the worse it gets. On the right I see a street with not so many people. We walk there and order an Uber. The uber driver asks us what we did there. We say we got a bit lost and he says we were lucky. I don't know what he means by that, and I also don't want to know. When we come back we order dinner and watch some videos.

The best donuts ever

Day 24/25/26 24-26.05.21

On our last days in South-Africa, we shop, we eat and we sleep. There is not much to experience in the big city and every evening we order dinner from uber eats. We had a really nice stay but we are happy to go home. We spend our last day mostly at the airport, waiting for time to go by. The airport is empty, and the airplane back home too.

I can’t believe we are home already, and I can’t wait for our next adventure to start.

The route we drove in South-Africa

Thank you for reading our diary series about South-Africa. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment.

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