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Starting our blog and going on a hike. South-Africa diary part six

Day 16 16.05.21

We have a nice big breakfast with fried eggs, coffee and a piece of the big cinnamon roll. Kim decides that he wants a blog. Then all our friends and family can read our stories. We write our introduction and think of a name. Actually, we already had an idea for a name but now it's settled, The Road East. From now on I want to improve my writing skills. I'm a better writer than Kim, so that will be my part of the blog. I'm excited for it. I wonder how our blog will look like. Today we're chilling at the swimming pool again, fantasizing about our blog. I got a carrot cake and cappuccino. Kim starts the afternoon with a cocktail.

The pool at the camping

Kim gets some snacks from the motorhome and comes back with a grin on his face. There was a monkey in our motorhome, we forgot to close the window in the bathroom. It was a mess inside; the monkey went through our trash. Nothing is missing.

Suddenly it gets dark, we take a shower and we think it's going to rain. After one hour nothing happened so we decide to braai. We eat a boerewors with some union and cheese bread. The boerewors was super salty, we could barely eat it. We don’t know if we just got a bad boerewors, or if they are all this salty?

We stay at the same camping

Day 17 17.05.21

We wake up and Kim asks me want I want for breakfast. For the first time I exactly know what I want, the big cinnamon roll. I search and search and I can't find it. The monkey from yesterday must have taken it. I'm sad and we drive directly to the next Pick 'n Pay to get another one. We're on our way to uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park. The road was beautiful, but the last hour it turned into a bad road with lots of potholes. When we arrive, Kim changes into his hiking shoes and runs off for a hike before it gets dark. I make some coffee and finally have a piece of the cinnamon roll. We got a nice place with a super nice view on the mountain.

The best view we've had so far

Kim comes back after an hour. At 16:00 the sun disappears behind the mountain and it's getting cold already. We make Mexican for dinner.

It's a cold night, I think the coldest we've had so far. We are at 1433 meter above sea level. That's why it gets so cold. I'm nice and warm rolled up like a burrito in my blanket. Kim is struggling to get warm, this is going to be a long night.

uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park (we forgot to write down the price, but we think it is probably between 200/250 per night)

Day 18 18.05.21

We decide to go on a small hike today. We put on our hiking shoes after a nice breakfast. We do the Tiger falls hike. It's 3 hours. The beginning is very steep. I'm struggling to go up. I'm big and clumsy and never been on a hike before. Kim is almost flying up. For him everything goes so smooth. When we arrive at the Tiger fall, we see it's just a small waterfall.

Tiger fall

We're a bit disappointed. At the middle we have some lunch and then it's going down. Kim walks in front, again no problem for him. I have to concentrate not falling down and find my balance. In the Netherlands where I grew up, everything is flat. So, I never really learned how it is to go up or down a mountain. At points where it's a bit flat I'm having fun. When it goes up or down I wonder every time why I go with Kim on this hike. After 3 hours we are back at the camping. I'm happy we are back. At the camping we see a snake. It's a small one and I almost stepped on it. Kim is very scared of snakes, but he did make a few pictures.

Little snake

We both take a long warm shower. The whole afternoon we spend on the camping, relaxing and enjoying the sun. At 16:00 the sun is gone again and Kim starts to make a fire on the braai. Kim has pork chops and I eat some garlic bread.

We stay at the same camping


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