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DIY Kitchen box

Our DIY kitchen box

After some research we decided to not have our Kitchen mounted to the car.

It's just not practical, the car must be level and you are out in the elements to cook or maybe you just stop somewhere with a nice view or picnic location where the car can't get.

We wanted something we could carry somewhere and can chill out to cook. Also if the weather gets really bad, we have to be able to cook in the tent.

So a kitchen box is the way to go.

I measured from our camping chairs the height desired to comfortably cook from the chair. That measurement divided by two, gave me the height of the aluminum box. So I searched everywhere for aluminum boxes with that desired height and found one at our local hardware store. Bought some plywood with it and I was ready to build.

We got everything that we wanted to place in our kitchen and and I started to measure everything out so it would fit.

This is the final product:

The sides fold up for more working space

The Coleman stove perfectly fits in the pot set, which my Dad already used during his world trip in the 80s

Sides flipped down and ready for the box

Sits pretty tight in the box, so it doesn't move around on rough terrain

All set to get loaded in the car

I added two L brackets to prevent the kitchen from moving around inside

The kitchen first time in action

The height of the kitchen works almost on any table without the aluminum box

We are carrying two Coleman unleaded feathers 442. One sits in the kitchen all the time with the rest of the pots & kitchenware. The other stove we have in one of the plastic boxes where we also have two small mugs for cooking quick noodle soups or tea & coffee.

The drawer system, where the cooler sits on has a small table to pull out so we can enjoy a quick hot tea or coffee in the morning or on the road without dragging out the whole kitchen.

The second stove cooking coffee on the pullout table while the kitchen is stored

The kitchen is really here for real cooking and that's why we also bring two stoves, so we can make real meals. We are not really into dehydrated finished foods, nothing beats freshly cooked meals!

Hit me up for details!

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