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CR-V build part 1

Building a rack for the Maxtrax minis and a shovel.

Maxtrax & Shovel mounted

I wanted to mount the Maxtrax by the spare wheel, but wasn’t a fan of the original Maxtrax rear wheel harness.

You can’t lock your Maxtrax with the strap and couldn’t mount anything else but the Maxtrax on it.

So, I was thinking about welding my own design.

That’s what I came up with:

The two parts after welding

A simple construction made out of two different sizes of square tubes and a flat bar welded together. The square tube fit in to each other.

I made the baseplate with the bigger tube so I can insert the smaller tube into it and lock it in place with a screw and nut.

I made it out of two parts, so it’s removeable since I use the car as a daily driver and don’t want to carry my Maxtrax everywhere.

As for the material, I used stainless-steel and TIG welded it.

The rack after spraying

After welding I coated everything with a Zinc & Aluminum spray.

I found this Fiskars Shovel online and with it, I ordered a pair of QuickFist Tool holder which I drilled on to the welded rack.

To secure the Maxtrax I used ring nuts and pulled a stainless-steel chain thru it, to prevent them from turning loose and make the Maxtrax lockable with a padlock.

The finished rack

If you have some basic welding skills you could easily make one yourself, I can give out measurements if needed.

I hope you enjoyed that build and maybe even have some inputs about it.

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