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CR-V build part 1

Building a rack for the Maxtrax minis and a shovel.

Maxtrax & Shovel mounted

I wanted to mount the Maxtrax by the spare wheel, but wasn’t a fan of the original Maxtrax rear wheel harness.

You can’t lock your Maxtrax with the strap and couldn’t mount anything else but the Maxtrax on it.

So, I was thinking about welding my own design.

That’s what I came up with:

The two parts after welding

A simple construction made out of two different sizes of square tubes and a flat bar welded together. The square tube fit in to each other.

I made the baseplate with the bigger tube so I can insert the smaller tube into it and lock it in place with a screw and nut.

I made it out of two parts, so it’s removeable since I use the car as a daily driver and don’t want to carry my Maxtrax everywhere.

As for the material, I used stainless-steel and TIG welded it.

The rack after spraying

After welding I coated everything with a Zinc & Aluminum spray.

I found this Fiskars Shovel online and with it, I ordered a pair of QuickFist Tool holder which I drilled on to the welded rack.

To secure the Maxtrax I used ring nuts and pulled a stainless-steel chain thru it, to prevent them from turning loose and make the Maxtrax lockable with a padlock.

The finished rack

If you have some basic welding skills you could easily make one yourself, I can give out measurements if needed.

I hope you enjoyed that build and maybe even have some inputs about it.

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Philippe Noth
Philippe Noth

Very interesting. Still unsure how to mount MaxTrax at the rear of my Jeep Wrangler, so thanks for the idea. Are these a shorter version than the usual MaxTrax boards?


Hi Philippe

Yes, those are MaxTrax minis

We chose those, since we are not planning to hit hard trails and our vehicle is fairly light.

If you have the normal size ones, you could extend the middle part of my build to make it fit.

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