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CR-V Build part 2

Building the interior

Keeping it light and simple was my goal here.

We really wanted to keep the rear seats in case of friends joining during our travels or picking up people on the road.

The idea is, to keep our clothes on the rear seats while we travel alone.

In case someone joins us, we throw our bags on the roof. That's why we use our waterproof SW Motech drybag 350, which we already had from our motorcycle tours.

Scrolling endless nights on the internet, looking at DIY drawer systems etc... I came to the conclusion that we don't need or even can have a drawer system.

First of all our V has such a nice cargo space under the trunk floor which we can really put into good use and the trunk floor is even a table!

Now I had to design something that gave me quick access to the cargo room under the trunk floor and we must be able to take out the floor/table when desired.

That is what I came up with. An aluminum frame made out of aluminum extrusion profiles which I bolted down using the built in strapdown points of the trunk. I just used a few washers to level out the L brackets which hold the frame in place.

The aluminum frame bolted on the existing strapdown points with L brackets

I bought a complete drawer system for our Dometic cooler, which is really heavy.

To support all the weight when drawn out, I made some support struts in the frame.

Support struts in the middle for the heavy ass drawer & cooler

The wooden base plate and the drawer system

I was lucky that the Dometic CFX 28 and the Ecoflow River Max fit perfectly on the drawer

That's how tight the fit is for the drawer system

On top of the frame I bolted on a wooden plate to make a nice even base.

I recently built a camping kitchen (more on that in the DIY section soon) which was inside an aluminum box. Out of the leftover wood from the baseplate I built a box on the right side of the trunk to fit the kitchen box perfectly, so we could load more stuff on top of it and could take out the kitchen anytime without removing anything that is sitting on top of it.

Under the aluminum frame, I bought 2 plastic boxes which we can easily remove if we have to get to the cargo space underneath.

Finished interior design

What do you guys think of my design? Hit me up if you need any measurements!

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