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Shopping, dolphins and staying at the best camping. South-Africa diary part five

Day 13 13.05.21

Big shopping day! We make a nice breakfast and go to the first shopping mall, outdoor warehouse Springfield, here we find some shirts for Kim, a braai and a 10-liter water bucket. It's not so big here so we go to the Gateway Theatre of shopping. It's a huge shopping center. You would almost get lost in here without a map. We go from store to store but don't find cheap things. We have lunch at McDonald’s, I had a quarter pounder and Kim The McFeast (basically a Big Mac with BBQ sauce and tomato).

Kim goes to a barber, only costs him 150 rand. Then we go into Mr. Price. A super cheap clothing store. Here I find a lot of nice clothes.

After all that shopping we go home and make some Rice with beans and Grill some meat on the braai. We go to bed early. We are very tired from all that shopping.

We stay at the same camping as yesterday.

Day 14 14.05.21

This morning Kim calls to the Villa Spa Holiday resort. They have space! We leave the eco camping and are on our way to uShaka Marine world in Durban. We had to park on Parking B because the motorhome is too high for parking A. We go inside for 200 rand per person and it was exactly time for the Seal show. We are very excited, but the show was only 15 minutes. The seals didn't do much. One hour later was the dolphin show. Very nice show with a lot of stunts. Was very funny to watch and the show is almost 40 minutes.

Dolphins jumping around

After that we go into the aquarium. We see a lot of fish, sharks and turtles. The park is small so around 13:00 we already saw everything. Now we go to uShaka village shopping, open for the public. It's a really nice atmosphere here. We had shawarma for lunch, with chicken and cheese and fries inside. 50 rand for 2 shawarma. Kim also finds cheap swim shorts here, because he forgot his at home. Then we went into Dangerous Creatures (62 rand per person). Here we see a lot of snakes, crocodile and some spiders. A short walk but a good presentation.

The best ice-cream ever

We get an ice-cream again at that nice ice-cream place and are on our way to the camping. We get a warm welcome and even had help parking. It's the best camping we had so far. They have a warmed swimming pool, sauna, clean toilets and showers with even a make-up area to make yourself ready. We are close to the beach, tomorrow we probably go and check that out.

Our camping place at Villa Spa Holiday resort

We have broccoli, cauliflower, rice and burger steaks for dinner.

Villa Spa Holiday Resort, 305 rand per night

Day 15 15.05.21

At 6 AM I wake up, all the children on the camping are awake already. They're playing and biking around. I go to the toilet and go back to bed but I can't sleep. Kim left again the windows open so it was a cold night. At 9 we get out of bed and go directly shopping. This will probably be the last time shopping in South-Africa, so I have to buy everything I want. I get all the good stuff, a cinnamon roll as big as my head, koeksisters and a lot of chips.

The beach

After shopping we eat something and go to the beach. It has big waves so I'm a bit scared. Kim likes danger, so he goes in without fear. After half an hour in the ocean, Kim comes back light headed saying, he got the washing machine experience while attempting to body surf one of the bigger waves. I rather go to the heated pool, so that's what we do. All the children are at the pool, gives a nice atmosphere. Everybody is having fun. We get cocktails at the bar (55 to 75 rand per drink), for us very cheap, so bottoms up! Around 3:30 most of the people already left the pool.

Our cocktails

Every Braai is in use so we decide to make pasta with pesto and chicken. Kim finished reading his book: The road chose me, vol. 2 Africa. It really inspired him for overland travel. An amazing book that teaches a lot about the African state right now that actually nobody knows. I'm tired so I fall asleep early after watching Sleeping Beauty.

We stay at the same camping.


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