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Seeing wild animals for the first time. South-Africa diary part two

Day 4 04.05.2021

Today is the day! We are heading to Kruger national Park. The person at the gate says they have lots of accommodation, so we don't hurry to go to the camping yet. Pretty quickly we saw Zebra's, Giraffes and Elephants. We even ended up in the middle of an elephant herd. The animals are so beautiful here.

Elephants in the bush

When we arrive at the camping (Skukuza), they say there was no accommodation for camping. Everything is full. We are lucky and get a tent, another woman in the line hears Kim talking at the reception, and she gives her tent to us because she wants a lodge anyway. The tent costs us 800 rand. Pretty expensive but better than a lodge or nothing. It is a nice tent with soft beds, so that makes me very happy.

Kim sitting in front of our tent

When we settle down we immediately book camping’s for the next coming days. We won't let this happen again. This camping is super big, with a big camping shop, museum, library and restaurants. Because we anyway had to pay so much for the tent, we went out for dinner. I got a super good burger, with avocado and camembert. Kim got a super tender perfect Steak.

My hamburger
Kim's steak

We go to bed around 21:00. Our plan is to get up at 6 so we are one of the firsts in the shower and taking off. In the evening we already hear lots of animals outside.

Skukuza Rest camp, tent, 800 r p/n

Day 5 05.05.2021

It's 4 AM and I hear our neighbors talk, why are they so early? At 6 we get up and realize everybody is leaving already. We thought we would be one of the firsts, but we are one of the last getting out of the camping. Today we see a Giraffe, Elephants, Hippo's and Hyena. But after 12:00 we don’t see any animals.

Baby Hyena's laying on the road

We're a bit disappointed and very tired. We sleep at Pretoriuskop. The camping is nice and big, we have a nice spot for our camper. Everywhere are little monkeys walking around, trying to steal food. You really have to be careful and look after your things. We walk around the camping and go to the camping shop to get an ice-cream. After we nap from 15:00 till 17:00. We made pasta Bolognese for dinner and go early to bed.

Day 6 06.05.2021

Today we get up early again. We see a lot of giraffe and zebra's. While driving we got a tip for Lions but we don't see them.

We see a lot of fires today; the rangers make the fire themselves. Lots of land was burning and black. It was not a special day, pretty much the same as the 2 days before.

We sleep at Malelane gate, a small camping with only a toilet and shower (no shop or restaurant). It is nice and quiet and while we are making a fire, we see a hyena at the gate. We grill for dinner, vegetables and hotdogs, and Kim has a steak.


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