the road east......

As a writer, poet, musician, traveler and humanitarian, my restlessness prodded me early on to journey  into unknown lands. I set off with a deep and incessant  hunger to learn more about the world we live in and my place in it. In my travels I discover profound beauty through those I encounter. I had set off with a desire to reach out, but soon discovered that the cultures I lived in were reaching me in countless ways and teaching me a whole  new way of being.  Through my writings I try to convey how this has impacted me and the spiritual transformation I undergo.



                 journeys  along  the  road  east

At the age of 17, I set off blindly with just my guitar on my back on a quest to help relieve the suffering of those in war-torn Bangladesh. After conquering the treacherous overland route, I finally made it to India, and eventually-Bangladesh.I spent 12 unbelievable years on the Indian Subcontinent. Then- years later, as a middle-aged man, I set off again-this time to live in the heart of the Middle East. I arrived in Cairo just shortly before the revolution broke out, living through historic times with the Egyptian people. What I experience there changes me forever, reminding me of what matters most in life.